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In order to provide you with the best possible online shopping experience, Accesswine.hk maintains a 7-days return policy from the date you received your order (based on the courier delivery receipt date). Please note our policy has restrictions and conditions described in full transparency in this page. In case of doubts don't hesitate to contact us.


Our 7-days return policy means that within 7 days after our courier delivered your order to your place of choice (your home, a convenient store, a SF center...), you can contact us to express your wish to return your full order or a part of it to get a refund, whatever the reason is.

We'll accept the principle of your return with no discussion except for the items listed as "restricted" items below (please read carefully).

However, for us to validate your return and your refund, we will require you to follow our process and respect some essential conditions listed as well below, not complicated (no worry) and essentially based on common sense we believe.

You need to be aware that a participation to the return fees will apply.

1) What's included and what is not in our 7-days return policy ?

A) Exchanging a product with a manufacturer default
If you return your purchase due to a default we validate, you can simply exchange that product for a brand new one, with no default and at a legitimate no return fee extra cost (In Stock limit).

We don't accept exchange of a product for another one. In that case, we request you to go through a refund process of the product returned and you'll have to purchase the product you prefer.

B) Purchase Refund and Return fees

The refund amount comprises the price net you paid for the item returned and the cost charged for its delivery.

A participation to the return fee may occur depending of your country and the courier chargeable weight of the product returned (check the rates below).

Case 1 - full order returned & accepted.

We'll transfer back the full amount you paid for your order (delivery fee included) minus the applicable return fee.

Case 2 - partial order returned & accepted.

 The refund will include : product returned quantity x price after discounts and promotions + prorata of delivery fee of the product(s) returned - (minus) prorata of store credits or coupons you deduced when you purchased minus the applicable return fee for the products returned.


By "accepted", we mean that the Return followed our conditions and process described below 2)..


Case 3 - Purchase orders with "add-on" or free gifts.

You cannot keep the free gift or a add-on (special price) associated to a product you wish to return. If you wish to keep this free gift or add-on, we'll propose you to deduce their original price difference from the refund.

Case 4 - Full order or partial order returned but not accepted

We all hope this will never happen. Such tricky situation could happen if the product(s) returned we receive did not follow our conditions or process. And that would mean we would not refund your purchase, and probably ask for an additional delivery fee to return the product to you. To avoid such situation, take the time to read and follow carefully our conditions and process.

Case 5 - Full order or partial order never received.

Well, in that case, we can't obviously refund you.


Store Credit

The store credits you may have used to purchase the products returned and deduced from your refund will be added back to your member account.

C) Restricted items: products not covered by our 7-days return policy

C1) Fragile products such as glasses, decanters, porcelain...

For Hygiene and safety reason, glasses, decanters, porcelain items.. cannot be returned nor exchanged. They require the utmost care in protection & tools to be delivered unbroken to your place, that our team controls with the highest attention. There is a high probability they would be broken during the Return shipment if we were allowing it for those items, resulting in the impossibility for us to accept your request and for you in simply losing the glasses, decanters or porcelain you purchased. Thank you for your understanding.

C2) Clearance items & special "defaults" deal

From time to time we may offer some extra good deals, some very discounted prices, to our members or non members. Due to their extreme low price, no return or exchange will be accepted on such items. They will be clearly identified and the non return information reminded.

C3) Engraved / Customized items

Engraved items cannot be returned unless obvious mistake were made, such as incorrect font, spelling or location. By location we mean a zone (bolster, blade, cape...), not a precise area since our engravers will engrave in the most appropriate way.


2) Conditions to accept your return within our 7-days return policy

  1. You're sending us your documented request (see process below) within the time limit of 7 days after our courier date of delivery to your place of choice.
  2. The product is not a restricted product (check our range of products restricted in this page).
  3. The product and all its components (ex.  tag, label, notice of instructions, warranty card, packaging...) must be in the same conditions as when you received them. In particular, products used or washed might see their return refused. 
  4. Keep the original delivery box.

It is therefore import that you inspect your purchase when you receive it and before usage and without damaging the packaging (in a reasonable limit).

In case of any question or doubt, you are always welcome to contact our customer service on Facebook Live Messenger (Access Wine & Living) or call our Taiwan central customer service at +886 2 2528 0098 from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

3) Process of Returning your product

3.1. Contact us

After making sure you fulfill our conditions, contact our Customer Service by Email or Messenger with the following written content:

Subject : Return - Order # xxx 

Please write your name, phone number with country code and full address + your bank account details (Account name / Bank name / Swift code / Iban code ~ account number).

If you wish to exchange a product with default, please add a few picture and a brief description.

If you wish a refund, you don't have to send any picture or justify your decision.


Messenger: Facebook (de Buyer Hong Kong)

In case of doubt, you can call our Taiwan central customer service at +886 2 2528 0098

Our Service hours ia from Mon. to Fri., 9 AM to 6 PM.


3.2. Pack carefully the product to be returned

Be aware that the item remains in your care before it gets back to us. Please do ensure that utmost care is taken when preparing the item to be returned to us, since any items damaged during the Return process and delivery cannot be refunded nor exchanged. 

If you did not keep the original delivery carton, make sure to pack in a carton of adapted size. Any over sized carton will generate some extra logistic fee by the courier which we may have to retro-invoice to you.

Please add a document with:

- your name

- your purchase order number

- the returned product(s) code & quantity

(it can be a copy of our invoice or written document).


3.3. Return pick up or Mailing

After our team received your request, we will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time: from 24 working hours to a couple of working days. We'll review with you that everything is conform and ready before we send our courier or you mail the product to us (based on your country, to limit the extra return fee cost - we'll send you all necessary instructions).


4) Refund process

Within 2 working day after we receive your returned order, our team will inspect it respects our conditions, which should be the case if you carefully followed our instructions. After validation, we'll send you a confirmation with the detailed amount we will refund to your bank account within the next 5 working days.

We will request your :
Bank Name :
Account Name :
Account no.:

5) Beyond the limit of 7-days

After that limit of 7 days, we enter into the manufacturer warranty of the product. If your products gets what seems to you an abnormal default, not related to time and normal use of the product, contact us with a maximum details and pictures. We'll guide you to check such default is covered by the manufacturer warranty.

If that's the case, we & the manufacturer will propose you to repair your product when possible or to replace it by a new one when that's not possible after we got your product returned. We won't refund such product after those 7 days limit, unless the manufacturer is not able to repair it or replace it.

The return fees and delivery fees of the repaired or new product will unfortunately be at your charge.